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Welcome to UCS University!

Welcome to UCS University


Welcome everyone! Glad to see you. UCS University is a true Seminary which educates the right Theology, right faith, and the right living. It was built to hold out the example of the church of the New Testament. And it was also built to teach how the saved people live their lives. It was built for the Cross Movement (salvation ministry). It was built to make disciples. Fellow students!

How to Apply?

We believe that there is truth; it is knowable and revealed in God’s inerrant Word. As a result we can live with unshakeable confidence and hope knowing that the Bible and God’s truth have direct application to our lives, our work, our relationships and the culture around us. We believe that holding a biblical worldview is foundational to understanding life and Truth. God has equipped us to uphold truth and sustain community at Biola through Christ-centered and Spirit-led education, scholarship and service that is grounded in Scripture and challenges our community to seek and integrate biblical principles into our fields of~


Address: 3470 Wilshire Blvd #617
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: 213.388.5992
Email: info@ucsuniversity.org
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